Hex: Origins Launch F.A.Q.

Who and why

Hey there! We here at Pretty Bat Games would like to present you our first polished game, an original hex-based puzzle game experience that is easy to learn and hard to master as difficulty ramps up. Our goal is to deliver something fresh for casual games players - and quality as well. It took about a year of development here and there off every day work to create this game. We hope you will enjoy it with its 4 game modes and level editor with full workshop integration!
We have a passion for creating games and a lot of crazy ideas. Game development and gaming related, we are interested in it!

Where are the trading cards on Steam
We have some pretty neat sets, backgrounds and icons ready but we need to wait for Valve's approval before we can make the publicly available. Rest assured that when we can enable them, they will be retroactively granted!

Future plans
The core experience of the game is available at release day fully - nothing hidden by dlcs or season passes or the likes. We plan to add more modes, skins and maybe even more features - depending on the community feedback and requests!

Of course you can reach us here on Itch.io community, Steam hub and on our website or social media:

Website: www.prettybatgames.com
E-mail: support@prettybatgames.com

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